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Mr. Arvay


The Gs Lakie Guitar program has been running strong for the past 12 years. The program is not an afterschool or lunch time club. It is a sequential three year (6 thru 8) music program teaching music using the guitar as the vehicle of instruction.

Learning outcomes consist of music rudiments, sight reading skills, ear training and performance outcomes. All styles of music genre are taught ranging from popular music (rock,blues,folk) to art music(classical/spanish guitar technique). 

The students start as beginners in grade 6 and develop technical, musical and performance skills throughout their three years studying music at GS Lakie Middle School.

Mr. Arvay is the teacher and head of the guitar program at GS Lakie. He received a Bachelor is Music Education from Minot State in 1999 and taught concert band for 9 years before moving to GS Lakie. He also completed his Master's degree in Music Education from Anderson University (South Carolina) in 2017.

He has performed and studied music all of his life. Sheldon is a multi-instrumentalist and is diverse in all styles of music. He has studied classical guitar with guitar virtuoso Christopher Parkening and has recorded over 25 cds at his recording studio www.hothousestudios.ca. as a performer and/or mix engineer/producer. He is also still actively performing in various popular and art music endeavors when he can make the time available.


The Gs Lakie Guitar program has got the travel bug! We have been travelling the last 12 years to Edmonton every term 3 to perform.We have done a trip to Disneyland and will be going to Nashville this year to perform at Graceland and Orpyland USA.